29 Mar 2018

Australian couple warns others not to invest in Fiji as they have

7:33 pm on 29 March 2018

A Melbourne couple who've invested everything they had in Fiji, are warning others not to.

Fiji money

Fiji money Photo: RNZ Pacific

Alwyn and Robert Nink lost their jobs in Australia six years ago and put their savings into a new life in Fiji but are now on the verge of losing everything.

Alwyn Nink said they had used their superannuation, redundancy payments and their house sale to start a holiday villa rental business in Savusavu.

According to her, they've lost around US$200,000 to their builder and freight agent since moving a year ago and have little to show for it.

She said they had considered themselves lucky moving to Fiji to build the Pure Shores Resort, but that is no longer the case.

"We don't have a Plan B. We've invested everything here and we just have to make it work so it's going to be a long hard road but we're determined people and we believe that justice will prevail at some point in time. It might take a couple of years."

Alwyn Nink said legal proceedings were under way against their builder and freight agent.