29 Mar 2018

Calls for art school to be established in Solomon Islands

12:16 pm on 29 March 2018

The Art Society of Solomon Islands is calling on the government to set up an art school in the country.

Drawing classes tools in art studio. angle view photo of paintbrushes lying on palette with oil paints brushstrokes mixture

Photo: undrey/123RF

The Solomon Star reported society chairperson, Richard Bibimarui, making the comments during a painting workshop for local artists in the capital Honiara last week.

Mr Bibimarui pointed out that there were many talented artists in the country who without any kind of training manage to create beautiful works portraying Solomon Islands' natural environment and the culture and traditions of its people.

He said a school of arts could broaden the horizon for local artists and help them realise their full potential.

Mr Bibimarui said he knew it would take time and money to achieve but he hoped the government would see that art is Solomon Islands' most precious heritage.