New Tahiti movement A Ti'a Mai gears up for poll

5:35 pm on 26 March 2018

Dissidents of French Polynesia's pro-independence party say their movement to contest the election is called A Ti'a Mai.

The French Polynesia parliament building

The French Polynesia parliament building Photo: RNZ

The new leaders of the movement, Heia Parau and Vetea Heller planned to present an alternative list of candidates at next month's territorial election, and said no current political figure would be included.

The movement had formed after a recent general strike to keep the retirement age of 60.

The two leaders have told Radio1 that many people have joined and that their list is being finalised.

They have restated that they are tired of the current system of politicians in their ivory towers, who on arrival in office forget why they were elected.

The party said that integrity is their main condition in being allowed to stand.

Another group, E Reo Manahune, has presented its list of 73 candidates who don't have criminal convictions.

The main anti-independence parties are led by people with corruption convictions.

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