13 Mar 2018

Australia challenged at UN by Norfolk Island

4:11 pm on 13 March 2018

Australia is facing a legal challenge at the United Nations over breaching the civil and political rights of Norfolk Islanders.

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Photo: Norfolk Government

This comes after Canberra ended Norfolk Island's autonomy in 2016, claiming the island could no longer pay its way.

But there has been an ongoing opposition campaign to the Australian move and it has culminated in an appeal to the Human Rights Committee of the UNHCR in Geneva.

Norfolk Island's Council of Elders is asserting Australia move has breached the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in the way it has treated the islanders.

A spokesman Andre Nobbs says through the changes the islanders have been denied representation, accountability and natural justice.

"It is imperative for people to understand there is no representation for the people of Norfolk Island.

"There is plenty of misrepresentation and plenty of story telling, but there is no opportunity for the people of Norfolk Island to hold governance to account for the imposed changes, many of which are very destructive to the culture and the people on the island."

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