12 Mar 2018

'Shruder' could solve waste problems in Vanuatu rural areas

4:47 pm on 12 March 2018

An environmental scientist has created a mobile waste solution machine that could benefit remote communities in Vanuatu.

The chief executive of Plastic Collective, Louise Hardman, has created the 'shruder' which shreds and extrudes plastic waste into instant new products.

These can include such items as grass cutting or weaving cord and cutlery.

Ms Hardman said the machine could cope with the daily plastic waste typically generated by several thousand people.

She said it was about educating communities and giving value to plastic waste because 80 percent of it can be reused.

"The outlining villages usually they bury it [waste] or burn it, you know, dump it in a communal garbage patch, so they definitely can see the benefit of it, especially if it's generating income and generating a, you know, a product source that's something that they can use, so it's very important to find out what is most important to them rather than me going in there saying, 'well you are going to make this'."