28 Feb 2018

Over 500 American Samoans still living in shelters after Gita

5:32 pm on 28 February 2018

At the last count on Saturday about 560 people in American Samoa were still living in faith-based centres after their homes were destroyed or damaged by Gita.

Damage from Cyclone Gita in American Samoa.

Damage from Cyclone Gita in American Samoa. Photo: Twiiter/ Aumua Amata

The 80 families are spread out in 10 shelters in Pago Pago, Tula, Nu'uuli, Fagaima, Faleniu, leone, Malaeimi, and Ottoville.

Authorities were hoping to have them all moved out of the shelters over the weekend however that's turning out to be a challenge.

Emergency tents have been provided to those whose homes were destroyed or significantly damaged.

The Red Cross' Sean Mahoney says the charity will continue to provide meals for those in shelters this week.

He says the Red Cross is using government assessment reports to identify families whose homes were destroyed or damaged.

The Red cross official is confident they have enough supplies to meet people's needs.