28 Feb 2018

Wreckage of missing Fiji aircraft spotted

4:59 pm on 28 February 2018

Search teams are making their way towards the site of a plane wreck on Mt Delaikoro on Fiji's Vanua Levu.

An aerial search found wreckage earlier today after two days of searching for the Cessna 172, which was carrying two people - a flight instructor and a student pilot.

FBC News reported the plane was sighted in the Delaikoro area before midday today.

Lieutenant Sairusi Colati from the Fiji Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre said, from the aerial photographs he had seen, the wreckage appeared to be extensive.

He said the site would be difficult to reach.

"People are trying to get to the site. It is inaccessible by vehicle or by foot. So at the moment the plan is to create a landing zone near the site and then from there utilising the manpower to rappel down to the site of the wreckage."