27 Feb 2018

New summit to keep Chamorro culture alive

5:46 am on 27 February 2018

A new event focusing on keeping the Chamorro culture alive has been launched this week, led by the Guam Preservation Trust.

Chamorro canoe

Chamorro canoe Photo: Mark Rabago

According to the US Cenusus from 1990 to 2010, the number of Chamorro speakers has declined from 34,598 down to almost 25,827.

The inaugural Pacific Preservation Summit will focus on architecture, archaeology, culture, history and community planning.

Chief program officer Joe Quinata said they expect preservation officers and conservation organisations from different islands to plan how Guam can help each other.

Mr Quinata said issues such as the threat of climate change to historic sites will be discussed at the summit.

The three-day event has as its theme "connect, appreciate and preserve".