24 Feb 2018

Fiji torture victims claim further police intimidation

7:12 pm on 24 February 2018

The village headman for a group of men in Fiji who say they were tortured by the police says officers threatened to return to the village if they spoke of their ordeal.

On the the alleged police brutality victims.On the the alleged police brutality victims.

On the the alleged police brutality victims. Photo: Supplied

The group's lawyer told RNZ earlier this week that nine policemen arrived in Waikubukubu village on the 26th of January, took the men to a nearby police post and proceeded to beat them for hours.

Today, the headman of Waikubukubu, Peceli Natusoro, told the Fiji Times that when they were released without charge, the nine men were warned not to speak of their ordeal or the officers would return.

Mr Natusoro told the newspaper the men were so traumatised and fearful of retribution that they did not seek immediate medical attention.

One of the men's mothers says her son was bedridden for days before his wife forced him to go to the hospital.

Mr Natusoro says some of the alleged perpetrators are related to the victims, and are known to the village.

The police say they are investigating.