23 Feb 2018

Disgust at Australia's neglect of refugees on Nauru

12:37 pm on 23 February 2018

A doctor, who looked after refugees detained on Nauru, says Australia's wilful neglect of their medical needs is disgusting.

Nick Martin was contracted by the Australian government through the company International Health and Medical Services, or IHMS.

Dr Martin said he's speaking out about the government's negligence to preserve his moral and professional integrity.

"And so in the end after multiple, multiple occasions with multiple patients where my medical advice was being ignored or overridden by a bureaucrat with no medical training, in the end I'd had enough and thought this is just disgusting," he said.

"I felt morally obliged to say something."

Nick Martin said Australia had a duty of care for the refugees it detains offshore and was lying when it said their healthcare was the responsibility of Nauru.

Self-harm by refugees reported on Nauru

Self-harm by refugees reported on Nauru Photo: supplied