3 Feb 2018

Niue MP claims minister punched him; police investigating

6:00 pm on 3 February 2018

The police in Niue say they have opened an investigation into a complaint laid by an opposition MP, who says he was punched in the face by a cabinet minister.

Terry Coe said the minister, Billy Talagi, punched him following a heated debate in parliament over proposed broadcasting reforms and infrastructure spending.

"He was calling me a, ah, cheeky person and told me I was naughty," he said.

"This was going up the stairs and when we reached the top he repeated it and then swung his arm around and the back of his hand hit my cheek."

Mr Coe said he has visited both the police station and the hospital, where reports were taken, and word has already spread across the island.

Mr Talagi, however denies the incident took place, saying it's nothing more than rumour.

The police have confirmed a complaint has been laid and an investigation has begun.