23 Jan 2018

Medical mapping service expands in the Pacific

8:30 pm on 23 January 2018

Tokelau is the latest Pacific nation to have its health resources added to the health data collection of the web-based medical information service Tupaia.

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Photo: Supplied

The head of the health data project, Michael Nunan, says his team will be visiting the Cook Islands soon as they gather information on the availability of medicines, the location of health services and disaster resources.

He said the medical mapping project was aimed at helping the public as well as health agencies and researchers keep up to date with health information.

"We collect a lot of data say around non communicable diseases, or HIV testing or TB treatment or malaria, and the heads of all of those programmes can go in to Tupaia and sort of pull out the specific information that they might be interested in."

Michael Nunan said he hoped the remaining Pacific countries will have their health resources added into the Tupaia system at www.tupaia.org by the end of this year, with the database to be continuously updated into the future.