18 Jan 2018

Cooks police urge victims to see through their cases

5:28 pm on 18 January 2018
Cook Islands Police Headquarters

Cook Islands Police Headquarters Photo: RNZ Pacific Walter Zweifel

The police in the Cook Islands say most domestic violence victims abandon their complaints once the legal process gets underway.

However, an officer dealing with domestic violence Sharon Kareroa said if a victim wanted to withdraw a complaint it had to be done in court, not at the police station.

Sergeant Kareroa said police would not drop charges even if the victim had a change of heart.

She said it was disturbing given the large number of reported cases.

"Personal circumstances are more at play with the pressures of relationship arising and the complexity of how different individuals and families cope with those pressures. It could be due to presence of alcohol, financial situations or third party interference such as ex partners, in laws, friends and etc."

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Photo: eakmoto/123RF