18 Jan 2018

American Samoa lawmakers discuss dengue measures

4:35 pm on 18 January 2018

American Samoa lawmakers have held a special session this week to discuss what is being done to prevent dengue spreading further.

This follows concerns raised about neighbouring Samoa where nearly 2,500 people contracted the mosquito-borne disease in the last three months of last year and five of them died.

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Photo: 123RF

Our correspondent Fili Sagapolutele said medical health officials also attended the meeting, including those from the LBJ hospital, who confirmed they were treating people with dengue symptoms.

From 1st November to 7th January there were 485 confirmed dengue cases in American Samoa but no deaths.

"What the lawmakers were trying to find out was to see the preventative measures that American Samoa has put in place. But health officials have credited the public awareness programme and cleanup by the community. There was a call to see how they could get rid of the dengue but health officials have told them that dengue is here to stay," Fili Sagapolutele said.

Travellers to Samoa are being warned to protect themselves but if they have any dengue symptoms on return they should seek medical care.