18 Jan 2018

Dozens of Papuan children die due to malnutrition

8:54 am on 18 January 2018

Dozens of pre-school children in a region of Indonesia's Papua province have died from malnutrition and measles in the past few months.


Photo: borgogniels/123RF

According to an Indonesian military spokesman, local health officials have confirmed the death of 59 toddlers in Asmat regency.

Agence France-Presse The AFP reported Muhammad Aidi as saying the children died from a combination of measles and malnutrition.

Asmat is a remote region of swamp-land along the southern coast of Papua with scarce medical services and a severe shortage of doctors.

The spokesman said it was unclear whether the malnutrition was caused by lack of food or by the parent's poor knowledge about a healthy diet.

But he said, in response, the military had deployed medical teams and support staff to supply Asmat villagers with medicine, vaccines, medical equipment and nutritious food.