16 Jan 2018

Solomons' police monitoring new cargo-cult-like group

1:22 pm on 16 January 2018

Police in Solomon Islands say they are closely monitoring a new cargo-cult religious group in Malaita Province.

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Photo: RNZ/Koroi Hawkins

The group called 'Kingdom' is christianity-based but holds some controversial beliefs.

The Solomon Star newspaper reports local Christian associations do not recognise the movement with one local pastor describing it as a cargo-cult because it reportedly tells members they will receive goods and money from the US.

He said the group believes the people of Malaita are descendants of Israel and that today the ground would open up and swallow all unbelievers and houses will spring up out of the ground for the faithful to occupy and be served by white women.

In a statement Solomon Islands police said they were closely monitoring the 'Kingdom' movement.

The police commander for Malaita Province, Timothy Apaesi, is calling for local communities to assist with information gathering on reports that there may be an uprising which could result in public disorder.

People with information on the movement can get in touch with Auki Police on local numbers 40132 or 40489.

They can also contact the RSIPF Communication Centre on phone 23666 or the police toll free 999.