15 Jan 2018

Power rationing over in Niue

1:50 pm on 15 January 2018

Niue's power rationing has ended but some businesses are pleading for advanced warning in the future.


Photo: Public domain

Last week the Niue Power Corporation rationed the electricity supply as it was reduced to one engine generating power for the entire island.

The Niue Chamber of Commerce said at least 48 hours warning of any future rationing would be ideal.

The chamber's business development manager, Rae Finlay, said some companies were left in the lurch as power cut notices came out too late.

"The ones I think who have been impacted the most have been the food premises, particularly when the power has gone off during dinner service or meal service and they have had bookings for full restaurants.

"Also the bakery, where they have got all their dough ready to bake overnight and their power goes off. And then this has an impact on the next level of businesses who are all expecting deliveries."

Rae Finlay said better communication by the power company would allow businesses to minimise risks and the cost impact.

She said Niue Power apologised for the cuts but was still encouaraging locals to conserve power.