Tahiti rally set to protest retirement age increase

8:26 am on 12 January 2018

A rally has been called in French Polynesia against the proposed hike of the retirement age.

The move comes after the government unveiled its plan to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62 next year while levying an additional two percent salary deduction.

Several unions opposed to the change have asked its delegates to meet outside the Economic and Social Council in Papeete tomorrow.

They said this was a first step, with the public to be asked for action at a later date.

The reform also requires those seeking to have a full pension to contribute to social security for 38 years and not 35 as now.

Early retirement is possible at 55 now but this is to be changed to 57.

The adjustments are being proposed because of the poor financial state of the pension fund.

One union has distanced itself from any action, preferring to await a meeting with the President Edouard Fritch next week.