9 Jan 2018

Priest car-jacked by armed men in PNG

8:21 am on 9 January 2018

A Catholic priest in Papau New Guinea has been car-jacked by three armed men.

Papua New Guinea police.

Papua New Guinea police. Photo: RNZ / Johnny Blades

The Post Courier reported Victor Roche was attacked last Wednesday in Port Moresby at 8.30 in the morning.

Father Roche was returning to his car after visiting a parishioner when he was confronted by the men.

Two were armed with guns and the other with a stone.

Father Roche, who is the secretary-general of the Catholic Bishops Conference, called for help but he said people were to afraid to intervene.

The priest was hit in the head repeatedly until he relinquished his keys and the men drove away.

He was taken to hospital but had not suffered serious injuries.

Father Roche said the Catholic Church was concerned about the law and order situation in PNG, which he said was getting worse day by day.

He said the level of crime could adversely affect PNG's tourism industry.