4 Jan 2018

Guam looks for greater voice in Washington DC

9:22 am on 4 January 2018

Guam's Governor says the island enters the year with an economy which now stands at $US5.8 billion, but it is still in need of a greater voice in Washington DC.

Guam's governor, Eddie Calvo.

Guam's governor, Eddie Calvo. Photo: Office of the Governor of Guam

Eddie Calvo said Guam had seen its economy improve with more businesses, more jobs, and an increased GDP.

Mr Calvo said his admininstration had repaved roads, started construction on a shelter for foster children and a new Guam Police Department precinct, and had worked with the community to safeguard families and remove illegal drugs from the island.

However as the Marianas Variety reports, Mr Calvo sees there are many issues that require more attention from national leaders.

Citing the need for Guam to have 'a constant and consistent presence' in Washington DC, the governor wants to hire a lobbying firm that will advocate for the territory's issues and concerns.

Besides a non-voting delegate to Congress, Guam also has a liaison office in Washington, but Mr Calvo said the island's issues had not been given much attention.

He said Guam is at a disadvantage as they didn't have a vote in Congress and it had become more apparent that a greater presence is needed.