23 Dec 2017

No end in sight for Fiji airport dispute

5:55 pm on 23 December 2017

An industrial dispute at Fiji's international airport shows no sign of ending, with the company involved looking to hire 150 "temporary" staff.

Employees of Air Terminal Services have been locked out of Nadi Airport, where they provide baggage handling, catering and engineering services, for over a week.

They say they walked off the job for a meeting to discuss griveances they have with their employer, including company mismanagement, sexual harassment allegations, and cost of living adjustments.

Their employer, however, says the walkout was illegal and the workers will not be allowed back until they sign letters accepting guilt and opening themselves to disciplinary action.

Today, the Fiji Times reports that Air Terminal Services is not budging from its position, saying its offer is final.

But the workers, now being supported by unions in Australia, are refusing to sign, saying they're being bullied and intimidated by ATS.