23 Dec 2017

French report suggests trial of Tahiti politicians be moved away

8:33 am on 23 December 2017
French Polynesia's court building

French Polynesia's court building Photo: RNZI

A French commission has recommended that the trial of French Polynesia's politicians be moved away from Tahiti.

The suggestion is in a report of the French Senate's law commission which assessed the judicial processes in French Polynesia.

It notes the peculiarities of an insular environment both in how the media deals with suspects and the way judges can go about their work.

The report was compiled after a French Polynesian member of the French Senate Lana Tetuanui complained last year about the justice system in Tahiti.

She said it was at times hallucinating to see the difference between what happens in Paris and what went to pass - as she put it - under her coconut trees.

Addressing the Senate, Mrs Tetuanui also said she wondered whether in French Polynesia there were two systems at play.

She alleged that some magistrates acted as if they ran the place which she said should be examined.

Both Mrs Tetuanui and her husband Cyril Tetuanui have corruption convictions.

En Marche's Jean-Paul Delevoye receives French Polynesia's Edouard Fritch and Lana Tetuanui

. Photo: supplied French Polynesian presidency