15 Dec 2017

Four deaths confirmed in dengue outbreak in Samoa

6:30 am on 15 December 2017

Four deaths have been confirmed in the latest dengue fever outbreak in Samoa which was detected last October.

This was confirmed by the Ministry of Health who said in a statement issued by the government press secretariat that blood samples were confirmed at the ESR Lab in New Zealand.

According to the statement there have been 1,522 clinical cases confirmed with 399 admitted to hospital.

The capital, Apia, has been identified as having the highest number of dengue infections.

The highest number of cases is amongst children between 5 and 9 years old according to the statement.

An ongoing surveillance and monitoring program continues and the Health Ministry is continuing to urge people to keep places where mosquitoes breed cleared and removed, particularly during the rainy season.

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Photo: 123RF