14 Dec 2017

Tongan youth leader hands out condoms to raise awareness

1:24 pm on 14 December 2017

A Tongan advocate for sex education has been handing out condoms around Tonga to start the discussion on safe sex practices.

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Photo: akz/123RF

Ministry of Health figures show a high rate of teenage pregnancies this year, of around 30 births per 1000 girls.

Joshua Sefesi holds sessions with men to educate them on equality and safe sexual practices and informs women about the support available to them.

Mr Sefesi said Tonga is a conservative and religious nation, which makes the topic of safe sex taboo.

"The issues especially the consequences are that the youth need someone to reach out for them and talk about all these issues because it all leads down to decision making."

Joshua Sefesi is Tonga's 2018 Queen's Young Leader winner, recognised for his voluntary work on safe sex awareness.