9 Dec 2017

Outcry over New Caledonia labour code change

4:47 pm on 9 December 2017
The New Caledonia congress.

The New Caledonia congress. Photo: AFP

Three members of New Caledonia's Congress have submitted an amendment to once again change the labour code for journalists.

This follows an outcry over the sudden elimination of redundancy provisions in New Caledonia which have been enshrined in France since 1935.

The three politicians from the Caledonia Together Party filed the amendment after journalists complained that the change had been pushed through Congress without any discussion or scrutiny in a committee.

The reversal comes amid intermittent tension between the media and the government.

Last month, the journalists union backed by French colleagues expressed concern that the caretaker president Philippe Germain refused to be interviewed by the main public broadcaster.

He was reportedly angered that in a news broadcast he wasn't given the prominence he considered to be commensurate with his position.