8 Dec 2017

Changed labour code draws ire of New Caledonia's reporters

7:56 am on 8 December 2017

New Caledonia's journalists are alarmed at a labour code change which has eliminated redundancy provisions.

The journalists at the territory's only newspaper, at the local television stations and independent contributors have issued a statement about the changed labour clause.

Following an amendment introduced by a group of anti-independence politicians, the Congress passed the plan, which strikes out redundancies in the case the media outlet changes ownership.

The journalists say this provision was enshrined in France in 1935 and now a year out from the independence referendum, media freedom is vital.

The journalists say the amendment was pushed through without any discussion or scrutiny in a committee.

Reports say that the promoters of the change are now reconsidering their stance as concern is being raised by the French Journalists Union.