1 Dec 2017

Another village in Samoa bans Chinese shops

2:50 pm on 1 December 2017

The Samoan village of Iva has joined the list of villages, banning Chinese-owned shops from operating within their area.

Iva village store

Iva village store Photo: Iva Village Facebook

Three village councils this year have banned Chinese nationals from opening businesses on customary lands.

Iva's mayor, Seve Luki, told the Samoa Observer the decision is not discriminatory.

Mr Luki said the village wants to protect future business prospects for locals.

He said they are concerned that if foreign businesses are allowed to be established now, future generations will not be able to access land.

Mr Luki said there is one Chinese shop already operating in the village because a family had leased their shop to the Chinese operators, but they had been 'penalised' by the village.

He said the shop will be the first and last Chinese shop to operate in Iva.