30 Nov 2017

Kiribati opposition MP derides "fantasy" 20 year plan

1:05 pm on 30 November 2017

A senior opposition MP in Kiribati says the government's 20 year vision, known as KV20, is full of dreams that are unrealistic.

Kiribati President at COP23 in Bonn

Kiribati President at COP23 in Bonn Photo: supplied

The plan was launched last year and focused on areas such as fisheries, tourism and climate change.

Taberannang Timeon said President Taneti Maamau and his cabinet are unable to deliver basic services to the people, and the plan is just a fantasy for people to follow blindly.

"Dreaming is not bad, but you should only dream things that you can achieve with your resources," he said.

"I don't deny that we can be a better country, but that should not be too costly in the long run."

Mr Timeon has also questioned the president's speech at the recent climate change talks in Bonn.

Mr Maamau told COP23 delegates Kiribati wanted to put aside the misleading and pessimistic scenario of a sinking nation, and to replace it with a desire to adapt to climate change.

Mr Timeon said the president didn't believe in the science around climate change when in opposition.

"The President and his government believe too much in God," he said.

"God has given us the wisdom to use to find ways to save us first, but if we refuse to use that because of our own political view, then we can't expect God to give us a hand," he said.