30 Nov 2017

Former immigration officer arrested for passport fraud

9:16 am on 30 November 2017

A former immigration officer in Samoa, David Nomereta Uaine, has been charged in relation to an ongoing Police investigation into the alleged sale of Samoan passports online.

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Photo: piccolamarina/123RF

The Samoa Observer reports Police Superintendent, Logoitino Filipo, said Uaine was arrested last week.

He has been charged with forgery and he faces the possibility of additional charges.

Logoitino said that due to the cases's sensitivity, police will not make and further comment.

The accused is scheduled to appear before Court on Monday.

The sale of passports was brought to the attention of the Immigration Office by the Samoa Observer back in September.

This has led to the government launching an investigation into allegations that someone was "selling Samoan passports" online and to places as far away as Africa.