Bill to change mayoralty succession filed in CNMI

1:00 pm on 29 November 2017

A bill has been filed in the Commownealth of the Northern Marianas Senate to change the succession rule for mayors by giving the governor the authority to appoint them under certain circumstances.

Saipan in the Northern Marianas.

Saipan in the Northern Marianas. Photo: Supplied

Senator Francisco Borja's bill seeks to give the CNMI governor the power to appoint a mayor to any of the islands, or group of islands, if a mayoral seat is vacated with less than half of a term remaining.

Currently, when a mayoral post becomes vacant, the candidate with the second highest number of votes at the last election takes over the position.

The governor is given the authority to appoint qualified people in the selection of Cabinet members, board members, and other department and agency heads.

The Senate then confirms the appointee to the position and takes an oath before formally filling the position.