27 Nov 2017

Wallis assembly elects Verge as assembly president

3:16 pm on 27 November 2017

The territorial assembly of Wallis and Futuna has re-elected David Verge as its president as part of today's budget session.

The assembly was widely expected to confirm Mr Verge in the position which he first assumed in April after the territorial election.

Sosefo Motuku was elected as the assembly's vice-president.

Mr Verge, who is a French-born businessman, was first elected to the assembly five years ago but because of campaign finance irregularities, he lost his seat a year later and was declared ineligible to hold office for a year.

He had been implicated in an alleged fraud but the case is yet to go to court.

According to observers the new majority in the assembly reflects allegiance to the one king of Wallis Patalione Kanimoa who is recognised by the French authorities.

Rival clans recognise another king.