22 Nov 2017

Sport: Former Guam FA President banned by FIFA

10:51 am on 22 November 2017

Former Guam Football Association president Richard Lai is one of three former officials to be banned by FIFA as part of efforts to address widespread corruption in the sport.

Lai, who is also a former member of the FIFA audit and compliance committee, resigned his position with the Guam FA earlier this year after pleading guilty to wire fraud and banking crime in connection with a bribery scandal.

Former Guam Football Association President Richard Lai.

Former Guam Football Association President Richard Lai. Photo: Guam Football Association

He received a provisional 90-day ban from all football activities from FIFA's Independent Ethics Committee in April.

Former Nicaraguan Football Association president Julio Rocha and ex Venezuelan Football Association president Rafael Esquivel have also been banned by the game's governing body.