21 Nov 2017

Vanuatu pushes standardisation of kava industry

2:50 pm on 21 November 2017

Vanuatu is leading a move to create a regional standard of quality control for kava.

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Photo: RNZ / Daniela Maoate-Cox

Biosecurity Director Tim Tumukon said collaboration was an important part of improving the kava trade.

Mr Tumukon said kava exports earned the country nearly $US11 million last year.

He said Vanuatu was suggesting other regional producers use the same colorimetric quality testing they do.

"We have talked to Fiji and New Caledonia to see if they can do the same on their end, because we believe that if both countries, the exporting and importing countries, do the same tests, the consistency and quality of kava that is being traded will be improved."

Mr Tumukon said US importers have also asked producers to stop fumigating their kava.