Temaru writes to Macron, asking for Tahiti airport back

7:12 pm on 17 November 2017
Oscar Temaru

Oscar Temaru Photo: RNZI/Monica Miller

French Polynesia's pro-independence politician Oscar Temaru has written an open letter to the French president Emmanuel Macron, asking France to return the airport of Tahiti.

Mr Temaru is a former president and the veteran mayor of Faa'a where the territory's international airport is located.

He says Faa'a has asked for half a century for France to return the airport, which he says is a sign of colonisation just as the nuclear weapon testing sites of Mururoa and Fangataufa.

Mr Temaru has asked Mr Macron to take into account that French Polynesia is on the UN decolonisation list.

He says Mr Macron himself described colonisation as a crime against humanity and therefore he should now let action follow his words.

Mr Temaru also warns of a possible social explosion and that people could take the airport in a less diplomatic way than through an open letter.