9 Nov 2017

Volcanic ash still causing problems on Ambae

3:48 pm on 9 November 2017

The Vanuatu island of Ambae continues to be affected by ashfall, particularly in the west and now in the north.

Vanuatu struggling with Ambae mass evacuation

Vanuatu struggling with Ambae mass evacuation Photo: RNZ / YouTube

A local pastor, William Bice, told the Daily Post the ash fall was heavy and is spoiling cabbage, taro and water supplies.

The island was evacuated in September when the volcano at the island's centre erupted, but evacuees started to return two weeks ago.

But Mr Bice said islanders were uncomfortable with the ongoing eruption, and feared the long-term effects of falling ash and acid rain.

He said local pleas to national authorities fore breathing masks, sunglasses and hats have fallen on deaf ears.

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