31 Oct 2017

Volcano evacuees in Port Vila await return to Ambae

12:37 pm on 31 October 2017

Dozens of evacuees moved to the Vanuatu capital away from an erupting volcano are still waiting to return to their island.

People being evacuated from Ambae

People being evacuated from Ambae Photo: Nixon Garae Tambeana

The Vanuatu Daily Post reports 566 evacuees in Port Vila were issued with National ID Cards which will be used to repatriate the people to Ambae in the north of the country.

Ships and planes have been repatriating the bulk of those displaced who'd been evacuated to the neighbouring islands of Santo, Maewo and Pentecost.

Meanwhile the National Disaster Management Office is working with Ambae's disaster committee to care for over 7000 returnees.

Reports from the island say volcanic ash or sand was still falling and threatening water supplies.

A community leader from Lovuitavoa Village in North East Ambae, Russel Bue said there were fears water tanks and wells could run dry.