9 Nov 2017

Lessons to be learned after American Samoa hit by quake

1:36 pm on 9 November 2017

Authorities in American Samoa say there are important lessons to be learned after Friday night's earthquake.

Seismic Coda

Seismic Coda Photo: (By Ingo Wölbern using SeismicHandler, Public Domain)

The 6.8-magnitude earthquake shook both of the Samoas, but there was no damage and no tsunami warning was issued.

The National Weather Service in Pago Pago said that was why it only issued a tsunami advisory - not a warning - and why alarms weren't activated.

But with memories of the 2009 tsunami triggered by the tremor, that decision has been criticised by some.

A National Weather Service Meteorologist, Carol Ma'afala Bacqui, said communication could be improved.

"Hopefully last Friday's event will help Homeland Security and everyone else that's involved in the leadership to improve on the communication and find a way to quickly get the information out."