6 Nov 2017

Is Ratu Rum disrespectful? A Fiji petition calls for change

8:58 am on 6 November 2017

A Fiji man says a major beverage company is selling alcohol whose name disrespects local chiefs and culture.

The advertising Shiri Ram is petitioning against

The advertising Shiri Ram is petitioning against Photo: Change.org

Shiri Ram has started an online petition that he plans to present to Paradise Beverages and Fiji's branch of the global giant, Coca Cola Amatil.

Mr Ram said Ratu Rum takes its name from the chiefly title Ratu which should not be used to sell alcohol.

He said while the drink was not new it was initially launched as Ratu's Rum with the blessing of an individual chief.

"Now the title has move from the chief to the product, so you know, to say that a bottle of alcohol is now been titled a Ratu is open to all sorts of interpretations but none of those interpretations lead to anything good."

Shiri Ram said the companies also sells Bati Rum, which is Fijian for warrior.