3 Nov 2017

Vava'u candidate says Tongans happy with power structure

7:52 am on 3 November 2017

A candidate in Tonga's election says people do not want to change the power structure that currently exists in the Kingdom.

Samiu Vaipulu, who served as deputy prime minister between 2010 and 2014, is seeking re-election as a Vava'u representative.

The elections on November the 16th come a year early because of the royal dissolution of parliament, which occurred over allegations the government was acting unconstitutionally and trying to gather power for itself.

During last month's national dialogue on democracy there was discussion about who holds authority and power.

Mr Vaipulu said despite this he believes surveys around the time of political reform in 2010 showed people were happy with the power the monarchy held.

He claims things have not changed.

"What they wanted was for the King to still be King and next be the nobles and not to be amended. Keep it as it is. 99 percent of Tongans here in Tonga and overseas, all agree to keep it as it is," he said.

The caretaker Deputy Prime Minister of Tonga Samiu Vaipulu, is a hopeful for the post of Prime Minister, and is said to have the backing of the nobles.

Samiu Vaipulu Photo: SPREP