CNMI agrees to US Air Force use of Tinian airport

4:37 pm on 1 November 2017

The Northern Marianas will allow the US air force to use the international airport on Tinian if the Anderson Air Force Base on Guam is rendered unusable.

Tinian North Field, Northern Marianas, the largest US air base during World War II.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The CNMI has agreed to a request by the US Air Force to use Tinian as an alternative landing site.

The Pacific Air Force Divert and Exercise airport layout plan calls for the military to release $US375 million to improve the island's airport.

The Commonwealth Ports Authority board unanimously backed the plan during a board meeting on Tinian on Tuesday.

It's the first time the US military has unveiled concrete plans to develop Tinian since it started leasing two-thirds of the island in the 1970s.

The Tinian mayor Joey Patrick San Nicolas said the improvements could lead to more international flights in the future.

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