Autopsy conducted into PNG journalist's death

2:59 pm on 26 October 2017

Papua New Guinea's chief pathologist has conducted an autopsy on the body of the journalist Rosalyn Albaniel-Evara who died on Sunday.

The Post Courier office in Konedobu, Port Moresby.

The Post Courier office in Konedobu, Port Moresby. Photo: RNZ / Johnny Blades

A burial planned for Tuesday was put on hold after claims emerged that she was a victim of domestic violence.

Photographs displayed at Ms Albaniel-Evara's funeral on Monday showed what appeared to be recent injuries.

Chief pathologist Dr Seth Fose said the autopsy followed a court order obtained by the coroner.

He said preliminary findings would be released to the coroner today or tomorrow and a final report will be released after two weeks.

Police homicide officers investigating the death will also be given a copy.

Shock and anger at PNG journalist's death

A former editor of Papua New Guinea's Post Courier said hewas shocked and angry the newspaper did not do enough to protect Rosalyn Albaniel-Evara.

The paper's business editor Rosalyn Albaniel-Evara died this month at her home in a company-owned compound.

Alexander Rheeney, who was previously Ms Albaniel-Evara's boss at the paper, said the photographs displayed at her funeral service showed the extent of the injuries.

He said anyone who would have been subjected to that level of assault and torture would have screamed out in pain.

"For me to see those pictures on Monday was shocking, and I was so angry because it was obvious to me that nothing was done by colleagues who were living around her but also by the company to identify that one of their senior staff was facing problems."

Mr Rheeney said he was aware of three other women who are current employees of the Post Courier who are living in violent relationships.

He hopes her death will cause the paper to act on protecting their other employees.