25 Oct 2017

Samoan church minister admits rape

6:07 pm on 25 October 2017

A church minister in Samoa faces jail after admitting to raping his niece five times.

The victim was living with the defendant and his wife and attended a church college in Apia where the first offence took place.

The police said other offences took place in a village on Savaii Island where the defendant and his wife had been serving.

The victim became pregnant and gave birth to two children as a result.

The defendant has been stripped of all his church positions and duties.

"Culture of silence must end"

In the Supreme Court at Mulinuu, a 63 year old man has been jailed for 21 years after admitting to one count of rape and 11 counts of incest.

The victim was the defendant's biological daughter who gave birth to three children as a result.

She told the police a fourth pregnancy was aborted.

Justice Vui Clarence Nelson said it was one of the worst cases of incest seen at the court.

He said such behaviour needed to be condemned and the culture of silence on incest needed to end.

Samoa's courthouse

Photo: RNZI/Sally Round