25 Oct 2017

Pacific jobseekers urged to look at caregiving industry

11:39 am on 25 October 2017

An academic has recommended Pacific people looking for work offshore should also be encouraged to consider jobs in the caregiving industry.

Vijay Naidu

Vijay Naidu Photo: RNZI/ Sara Vui-Talitu

The University of the South Pacific's Professor of Development Studies Vijay Naidu said looking after others was a natural fit for Pacific people but often they were sent to jobs in horticulture or the service industry.

He said caregiving was an area of considerable growth and there is benefit for all if the sector is considered.

"I think Pacific culture with a strong emphasis on family and recognition of wider kin and making people family and protective kin type relationships, adoption and also respect for elderly and care for elderly makes them a very good fit culturally."

Mr Naidu said Pacific people applying under the quota scheme struggle to find a job that meets their skills.

Professor Naidu was speaking at a Pacific Labour Mobility panel at Auckland University.