23 Oct 2017

Second major Fiji sedition trial to start on Monday

6:08 am on 23 October 2017

A Fiji court says 14 people accused of sedition have a case to answer, opening the way for the second major sedition trial this year.

The group - which includes several chiefs - is alleged to have conspired to establish a Christian state in Nadroga in 2014.

16 people were originally charged, but two of them have since died.

Their lawyers applied for the case to be thrown out, but in the Lautoka High Court today, Justice Sunil Sharma said they have a case to answer at a trial which will begin on Monday.

Last month, 14 people were jailed for trying to establish a Christian state in Ra province in a separate sedition case.

They are appealing against the sentence, claiming the charges were politically motivated.

The editors and publishers of The Fiji Times are also accused of sedition over an article it published last year.