19 Oct 2017

Fiji cane growers miffed at poor payout

11:54 am on 19 October 2017

Sugar cane farmers in Fiji are angry their last payment for the 2016 season was so low.

The National Federation Party said more than 70 per cent of over 9000 cane growers have been left out of pocket after deductions made by the Fiji Sugar Corporation were much higher than expected.

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Photo: RNZ

Khalid Ali said he received $US195 but knew of others who had received only $US.50 cents or nothing.

Mr Ali said many farmers were now struggling to put food on the table and pay the bills, with little money left for Diwali celebrations.

"They shouldn't have done any deductions," he said.

"They should wait and at least let people enjoy their festival and have something in their pockets after the dry season and all that, because people are suffering really bad."