Tahiti politician fined for defamation

9:45 am on 19 October 2017

A French Polynesian assembly member Valentina Cross has been sentenced for defaming a former vice president Nuihau Laurey during a radio debate.

She has been fined $US1000 and ordered to pay Mr Laurey $US1,000 in damages for saying he had been favouring a power company.

She also said she had proof that he was compromised but when challenged, she failed to produce it.

Nuihau Laurey, vice-president of French Polynesia

Former French Polynesia vice-president, Nuihau Laurey Photo: AFP

Radio1 said in April, a Facebook page administrator and the territory's daily newspaper were also sentenced and fined for making similar allegations against Mr Laurey.

Valentina Cross is an assembly member of the pro-independence Union For Democracy while Mr Laurey, who is with the ruling Tapura Huiraatira Party, is now a member of the French Senate.