18 Oct 2017

Taiwanese visit could bring more aid to Pacific

8:45 am on 18 October 2017

An academic says Taiwan's supporters in the Pacific region can expect significant new aid announcements during a visit later this month by the Taiwanese president Tsai Ing Wen.

Auckland University Professor Stephen Hoadley

Auckland University Professor Stephen Hoadley Photo: Auckland University

The president will travel to three of Taiwan's six allies in the region, Tuvalu, the Marshall Islands and Solomon Islands.

Other countries recognise China instead of Taiwan in line with China's "One China" policy.

A professor of international relations at Auckland University Stephen Hoadley said President Tsai is trying to shore up relations with the Pacific bloc to prevent her country from becoming diplomatically isolated.

"This would certainly sweeten the feeling in the Pacific islands," Mr Hoadley said.

"It would show that Taiwan is a wealthy country that does have resources, it can help the small impoverished Pacific island states in significant ways, in health, education as one, tropical agriculture as a second."

Taiwan's President, Tsai Ing-wen October 2017

Taiwan's President, Tsai Ing-wen Photo: AFP