17 Oct 2017

Pacific Hope ship heads to the Caribbean

5:26 pm on 17 October 2017

A medical ship that's been operating in the Pacific region is heading to the Caribbean to help in the hurricane relief effort.

The MV Pacific Hope

The MV Pacific Hope. Photo: Supplied/ Marine Reach

The MV Pacific Hope has been providing dental and eye surgery to people in the region including remote areas of Vanuatu.

But after the devastation caused by three hurricanes , the ship is getting ready for a four week long trip to the Carribean.

It is operated by the New Zealand faith-based charity Marine Reach whose chief executive David Cowie said the need is extremely serious.

"Our flag state for our vessel is Dominica and Dominica is a small island nation that was just basically flattened," said Mr Cowie.

"So we're very keen to get back there as well as several of the other nations like Barbuda was also badly hit and a few others, so we'll be carrying in building supplies of course and construction people."

Mr Cowie said the main focus odf the mission would be helping in the rebuild, but dentistry and cataract surgery would also be provided.