Manus detainees given a month's worth of medication

6:45 am on 16 October 2017

Detainees taking medication on Papua New Guineas' Manus Island have been given a month's worth of pharmaceuticals, prompting fears some may overdose.

The company contracted to provide medical services at the centre is due to depart the island, with the centre slated for closure at the end of the month.

Detainees can no longer buy snacks or cigarettes from the centre's canteen as pressure mounts on them to move into three separate buildings in nearby Lorengau town.

The advocate Ian Rintoul said Lorengau hospital was unable to provide even basic health care for the Manusian community, let alone the special needs of 800 detainees.

He said the buildings touted new accommodation for detainees are still under construction, with no provision for security or mental health care.

The detainees are refusing to move to Lorengau after being subjected to dozens of violent robberies.

Mr Rintoul said locals held a meeting last week opposing the transfer of detainees to Lorengau and are planning to protest.

Manus refugees checking the detention noticeboard

Manus refugees checking the detention noticeboard Photo: Supplied