2 Oct 2017

Corruption in Solomon Islands 'a huge problem'

9:00 pm on 2 October 2017

A magistrate in Solomon Islands says corruption is a huge problem in the country.

The Solomon Islands flag

Photo: RNZI

John Numapo made the comment when sentencing a taxation official, Ellison Raoga, to five years jail after finding him guilty of defrauding the state of thousands of tax dollars.

Mr Numapo said corruption was not only spreading rapidly through Solomon Islands society but it was also slowly eating away once highly-prized and respected societal values.

He said corruption destroyed the very structure of government and the rule of law and once started it can be hard to stop.

The Solomons Star reported Mr Numapo saying there was a daily public outcry to try and eradicate corruption, but it is becoming a way of life for many people.

He said public servants, politicians and others holding offices had a duty to care and to lead by example.

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